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Travel trailers for distant travelling

A travel trailer is a trailer which is pulled along with another road vehicle that is leading in front of the trailer. Hence so called a trailer. The travel trailer is also called as “caravan”. It is used mostly for the purpose of sleeping and relaxing while traveling long destinations.
These caravans give you the feel of a homely atmosphere during your vacations or holidays and in turn help you by avoiding other hotels or lodges. They are best suited and prove to be much useful in desert areas and other locations where no means for living is available.
Travel trailers are generally bigger in size as compared to tents. These caravans come in a variety of models that differs in rooms which are well furnished with extra added furniture and some of the good travel caravans also contain home based equipments. This further enables you to avoid carrying home instruments. The travel trailers can be mostly seen in areas of Europe, Australia, North America, New zealand.
The first common trailer was constructed by the bristol carraige company in 1880, which was 18ft and its design was based on the Bible wagons. This first caravan was named as “Wanderer” by Dr. W. Gordon stables.
Today there are various caravans, which come in different sizes ranging from 2 berth caravans to 6 berth caravans added with kitchen installations. Thus these are one of the best options that are available for diverse travelers who wish to discover varied traveling spots.

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