A bike rack is a stand or a gadget which is made to store bicycles on them. The bicycle or bike when kept on them is assumed to be remaining safe for the children around them and for the bike too. The racks support the bike by firmly holding them on both the sides of the vehicle. Locks are kept on the stand to keep them hold strongly. These bikes are used not only in homes but also to carry the bike from none place to different place without any damage to the vehicle.
There are various types of stands that are used for indoor as well as outdoor storage of the bikes. The bike racks for cars are the most demanded by people as they need them to carry their bicycle while travelling on cars or their pickup truck to some trip. The bicycle rack is the best bike holder for cars and pickup trucks while travelling. There are roof mounted bike racks and rear mounted racks to use as per the requirement of the bike owners. These racks hold the bike very strongly and in a perfect position without affecting the bike irrespective if the speed of the car.