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The Importance Of Change Management Models In A Business Organization

As a business organization head one will have to be on the lookout for ideas that will play an important role in boosting the growth of the organization. However, if the thought process is stuck it will simply not do. In fact, it spells bad news for the organization as a whole. Hence, as a business house in charge one will have to be on the lookout for Change management models. It is the process of shifting the thought process of an organization from the current state to the desired state. It is an organizational process that allows the stake holders embrace new things. There can be mission changes, strategic changes, or even technological changes.

However, those changes will not be easy to implement as people are often skeptical to changes. Hence, in such circumstances one will have to be on the lookout to practice facilitation. This is an art, which is performed by a facilitator. He is a person who helps a group to understand their desired objective and even to some extent helps them in achieving it. He/she helps the though process to transform from the current state to the desired state. It is a professional’s domain and if there are plans to indulge in facilitation one will need Facilitation books to know more about the process. There are many techniques that can be used.

The think and listen is the foremost. One will have to think at certain times and also listen as and when it seems fit. The go round session allows everyone to speak. Brain storming sessions are also a process. It introduces creativity and encourages everyone to participate. The mind maps and affinity grouping are also important aspects of the process of facilitation. These play an important role so that new ideas are introduced within the organization and it is not static.


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