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The Best Boat Loader Brands

So you have just bought that boat and can’t wait to let it go. Unfortunately, you live quite a distance away from the harbor and are thinking about how to move your boat there. Well don’t worry because boat loaders are the answer to all your concerns.

Boat loaders help mount your boat or canoe to the top of your car and help secure it in a way as to provide easy transportation. A well known company of boat loaders is 4 Boys Manufacturing Inc. The company offers state of the art aluminum hardware which is totally rust- free. The beauty of the devices of this company is that they can be installed using simple everyday tools. No heavy machinery is required for their installation.

The boat rests on a set of rollers ensuring maximum support. In fact these boat loaders perform all the duties that a boater needs. It first turns over the boat in the proper position. The two winch lines then load the boat on top of the car. The bow and transom are then tied down automatically. Finally, when it’s time to unload your boat, just turn the power roller and your boat will be free for use.

You can place unload your boat just on the water and set sail immediately, all in a matter of minutes.

Another popular company of Boat loaders is Load It. The loaders are compatible with all kinds of vehicle including cars, trucks and vans. In fact you can load a range of different water vessels besides boats including kayaks and canoes. However the amount of weight your car can support would obviously depend on your vehicle’s strength. What makes these loaders so sleek is that you can unload your boat just by the click of a button on a wireless remote control device. All the machinery is of stainless steel and a hundred percent rust- free.


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