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The Benefits And The Process Of Gold Plating

The art of Gold Plating is certainly one of the most demanded ones owing to its manifold uses. The first and the foremost ones is that of jewelry. There are many people who aim to have gold ornaments but fail to do so because of the exceedingly high rates of pure gold. This is an alternative to the gold jewelry and for the same reason Gold Plating is used to imbue the same feel as that of a gold jewelry but at a lower cost.

The technique used for this process is chemical or more popularly the electrochemical plating. The expensive metal that is, gold is plated on the inexpensive metals like nickel or copper. This is one of the most famous techniques when it comes to plating and its results depend upon the base metal and upon the thickness of the layer used. The system of electrolytes is taken in this process and the electroplating bars are inserted in it. The two bars then become the anode and the cathode, depending upon the connection made to the electrical supply. The negatively charged one is the anode and the positively charged one is the cathode. In the process of electrolysis, the metal at the anode end disintegrates and starts to settle at the cathode end, slowly and gradually. The process involves the electrical supply to initiate the flow of electrons.

In the processes like the Gold or the Silver Plating, the base metal or the inexpensive meal is kept at the cathode end so that the Gold or the silver particles slowly and gradually continue to settle on top of the base metal. The electrons in the process of Silver Plating through the electrolysis technique flow in the opposite direction as that of the current. Thus the transfer from the anode to the cathode takes place.


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