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Significance of Telos and Audio Codecs

Telos publishing limited is a popular organization that publishes novels and horror movies from many science novel television sequences. They are also equipped in producing unofficial books and magazines. The company has also employed writers and award winning writers have also worked with this organization. Telos also publish articles on different subjects such as politics, society, philosophy, etc. It gives stress on the modern rational trend and focuses on autonomy, globalization and political views. The writers are inspired to justify the important and concerned areas of the article. The writer should not make any grammatical mistakes and also check the spellings and punctuations while writing the article.

The word limit of the articles written in telos exceeds thousand words where as the notes written are bit precise. A note emphasizes on a particular matter or an incident. The authors write interesting blogs those are posted in the website. However, the writers should maintain the word limit because if the article or blog exceeds the word limit then it is cancelled. In case of submitting the article for getting it evaluated the writer can be a subscriber to the company or may be associated with any institution. If the writer is a member of the company the registration has to be done on the writer’s name. Other details of the writer are to be mentioned in the registration form. The writers must follow a prescribed guidelines regarding the styles and formatting of the article. The writer should sincerely prepare the documents as imperfect or indecent writings may slow down the editing procedure. The article must have an attractive and appropriate title and footnotes should be written at the end of each article. The article is written in English so the writer must ensure that the reader understands the topic completely. The writer can give quotations but he must translate the quotation in English.

Audio codecs is a software that compresses and decompresses audio information to an audio file configuration. The algorithm signifies hi-fi signals which is of a good quality as well as saves a lot of space. The codecs have efficient bandwidth communication system and they are applied as libraries that create connection with the music players. In terms of hardware the codecs is a gadget that transfers analog data as digital signals and digital signals back to analog. This system is very important for sound card to encode and decode audio signals.


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