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Ratings & Reviews On Tata Nano

After much opposition, criticisms and eager wait, Tata Motors launched its most-talked-about car Nano in 2009. This rear-engined car is also popularly known as the people’s car and has a capacity to carry four passengers. 
The craze for this car was such that it managed to generate a whooping booking of more than 2 lakhs units and that also within a period of 16 days.Nano is a dream car and targeted primarily to the Indian audience. It made waves with its tag line, “a car in one lakh”. 

Tata Nano Variants 

Nano is available in three trim levels: Basic aka Standard, Deluxe aka CX and Luxury aka LX with slight variation in prices. Another variant is the Nano Europa – European version of the Nano, which is bigger in size and meets European crash standards and emission norms. Tata Motor claims Nano to be the most fuel-efficient car.

On Nano’s  Mileage 

Nano claims to achieve an unbelievable mileage of 29 kms per liter on highwaysand an incredible 22 kms per liter in city roads.The arai mileage of Tata nano is 23kmpl.This mileage is possible because of the introduction of two-cylinder non-opposed petrol engines. Tata Motors has removed a few features to help in cost cutting of Nano. For example, there is a single windscreen wiper, one side view mirror and no power steering, which is reasonably accepted as this does not hinder its smooth driving.

Cost of Tata Nano 

Depending upon the state , the cost ranges from approx Rs. 1.4  lacs – Rs. 1.9 lacs from base model to LX (top most) with BSIV.

Lack of CNG and Electric Variants 

Although Tata Nano has made a mark in Indian market because of its being low price and small and compact model car, there are certain arguments that critics have put forth as a deterrent towards its deal. Tata Motors had promised to incorporate certain features in Nano such as the compressed-air fuel system and an eco-friendly electric-version.

However, till date there are reports that work is being carried out, but there is no official announcement of these incorporations. In addition, there are speculations among the people regarding the authenticity in safely and eco-friendly nature of Nano.

Pros and Cons

Tata Nano is a fuel efficient car and that is its biggest USP.Also people are buying it as a preference over Maruti 800 whose design is no longer attractive in comparison to this car.The incidences of Nano catching fire ( 6 or 7 ) is not a general case however it had an impact on its sale.The feedbacks we received from Tata Nano owners has been positive.There are two more things to notice in Nano , the excellent gear shift and effective AC.Although the car is not a hatch back there is plenty of space made for luggage when you turn the rear seats down.The car requires very less width to turn.The leg space and head space is excellent.

The drawbacks are few but considerable.First one is the feeling that you are sitting in an unsafe car on highways amid trucks and monster sedans.The car has a low height , as a result , weird/bulging speed breakers cause problems some times.The dashboard indicators are confusing to understand initially.The car’s speed slows down on rising steep slopes but there is no problem in speed on gradual slope. 

The Purpose of this Car 

Nano is one of the best options for city dwellers to escape thick traffic in rush hours and commute to office located at considerable distances as its not only helps sleek through traffic but also provides good mileage. This makes this car worth its every penny and a never-to-miss deal. Well, our people seem to have accepted this people’s car and its visibility in our roads validates this.


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