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JBT and The Unveiling of an Industry

The next couple of blogs are going to be a little different than they have been in the past. Up until now, we have focused almost exclusively on one type of freight transportation. “One type!?” You might be asking. “What about all the different kinds of freight transportation we’ve spent the last month or so discussing?” Well, you would be right to say that we’ve discussed a lot of different forms of the trucking industry; but, if we zoom out a little to gain a broader perspective on the freight transportation industry, it is easy to see that while we might have looked in high definition at the details of the trucking industry, the details of the freight transportation industry encompass more than just highway going trucks.

The freeways, highways, and byways of this country, and the world, are filled with freight movers. Flatbed trucking, heavy haul, and ltl trucking are more than just a little common, the are very common. They are the pulse of a growing nation and flood through the arteries of highways and roads all across the world. Hauling everything from raw materials, to finished products, to mobile homes, the trucking industry is an essential face of the freight transportation industry, but, it isn’t the only face.

So, now for the unveiling. A few hints first; our next topic of focus will still reside in the realm of freight transportation, however, it cannot be considered a part of the trucking industry. It moves independently of highways and motor ways, yet is more constrained in terms of freedom of mobility. It also is capable of moving materials and products in much greater quantities than conventional flatbed trucking and even heavy haul. Drum roll please. The next form of freight transport to attract the gaze of our ever exploring blog is…rail transport! In the next few blogs we’ll look a little closer at what rail transport is all about and hopefully learn a little something more about the freight transportation industry as a whole.

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