November 24, 2017 admin

JBT and Rail Transport

Over the past month we’ve covered a lot of territory. We have looked closely at the details that make the freight transportation industry as dynamic and versatile as it is. We have covered most of the key pillars of the industry as far as niche operations go and have uncovered some invaluable information about the industry as a whole. We’ve seen that freight transportation in its rawest sense is simply about the transportation of materials of from one place to another. Over the years (more realistically, over the millennia) freight transportation has grown from the simple act of moving things from point A to point B by whatever means possible, to an industry that is advanced in technology and technique, so much so that the industry has become multifaceted and complex to a degree that was probably never anticipated. It has taken on new forms and found more efficient and more practical ways to ship freight across considerable distances.

In the past, those in need of freight transportation may have relied on whatever they could get their hands on. Today, there are countless methods by which to make sure your freight arrives on time wherever it needs to be. There is flatbed trucking for the massive amounts of raw materials and bulky products that don’t fit into conventional vans and tractor trailers. There is heavy haul which handles anything and everything too cumbersome, heavy, or bulky to fit on any other form of freight transportation. There is also ltl trucking that handles whatever might fall through the cracks or be too small to fill an entire tractor trailer of flatbed truck. Finally, and certainly not least in importance, we have the world of rail transport. Rail transportation is a reliable and failsafe way to transport massive amounts of material and product across vast distances. Where other modes of freight transport, like heavy haul or flatbed trucking, become too costly because of the numerous trips required, rail transport is there to save the day. One of the original forms of freight transport, rail transport serves as a reliable and unshaken component of the freight transportation industry that has proved to be of great importance in the industry.

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