December 8, 2017 admin

JB Transport and the Freight Transport Industry

As we are all extremely aware, the gulf of Mexico has been deeply impacted by a major disaster over the last several months. Since, as a overarching theme on the blog this month, we are looking into safety and the way the trucking industry has responded to increased populations, traffic, and demand, it is relevant to explore safety in all its angles. There is no doubt that the issue in the gulf is a result of failed safety systems intended to protect the region and the sea from this kind of spill. When those features failed, the result was catastrophic.

So where does flatbed trucking and the trucking industry come into the picture? Well, regardless of the type of system, there are necessary checks and balances intended to protect against potential hazards and safeguard those involved, and those potentially effected. In the case of the trucking industry, those most directly involved are the truck drivers and other motorists on the road. As with most industries however, there are others, aside from the most obvious, who can be impacted by different aspects of the trucking industry. For example, if certain restrictions weren’t in place to limit noise from freight transport vehicles near towns, a number of different groups could be effected. This is a kind of silly example as far as safety goes, but it does illustrate the point that there are no limits to the number of people who can be effected by any given industry, especially one as prominent as freight transportation and the trucking industry.

Flatbed trucking, heavy haul, and ltl trucking are extremely prevalent in our modern society. Meeting the needs of a growing population, the trucking industry is a perfect place to see how the balance between cost effective supply chain solutions and the safety and wellbeing of the people served by the trucking industry plays out to benefit everyone. In our next segment we are going to take an extremely broad view approach and explore just how far this concept of balancing interests in the name of safety and efficiency can go in the trucking industry and the world at large.

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