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JB Transport and Change

The invention of the pneumatic tire meant a lot of things for the trucking industry. Of course, as with most new technologies, the beginning was a bumpy road. Although the literal road was less bumpy with the advent of air filled tires as opposed to solid rubber tires, the tire itself was quite unreliable in its early stages. For the freight transportation industry, this meant lost time and more hassles. Stopping a shipment to repair flats and replace tires was a nuisance that, although not lasting, did persist until tires reached some stability. Today, the trucking industry utilizes refined tire technology to get the most longevity and greatest efficiency out of every tire.

The tires currently in use have the capability of being re-treaded and easily restored to get miles and miles of additional wear on every tire. For an industry like flatbed trucking or heavy haul, where miles are logged in huge numbers, this is a major component of staying a viable business in the industry. Utilizing the best industry practices ensures efficiency; something that is vital in today’s trucking industry. Staying current with the trends can at times be difficult. As technology advances, improvements like more fuel efficient engines and gearing, although definitely paying off in the long run, can be expensive for some trucking companies to afford initially. On the other hand, some things in the flatbed trucking or conventional trucking industry remain stable for years and years.
Legally, there are also major fluctuations that effect the trucking industry. In the next month we’ll begin to look at the way the trucking industry has responded to regulation, deregulation, and other changes in both the legal landscape and the technological landscape. As we look at these changes, the character of the trucking industry is clearly seen. It stands as a resilient and stable object in a sea of shift and change. Flatbed trucking, heavy haul, and ltl trucking are all components of the lager industry and share in its resilience, testing new technology and policy; embracing the good and discarding the bad. At JB Transport, resilience has been the name of the game and has helped them stand amid the all the fluctuations that the trucking industry experiences on a regular basis.

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