December 2, 2017 admin

JB Transport: A Month in Review

There is freight transportation in just about every corner of the globe. Whether or not it looks the same from place to place is another issue, but, regardless of the form it might take, the fact that people need things moved from place to place is nearly universal, and the result is…you guessed it, freight transportation! Now, on this blog you might say we’ve gone some distance as far as freight transportation is concerned. We have explored nearly every nook and cranny of the industry and so, to keep the wheel rolling, the mileage climbing, and the horn-a-blowing, we are going to continue right along with exploring the freight transportation industry. This time were going international.

The industry of hauling, like we pointed out just sentences ago, is not a phenomena isolated to a single country or two. No, on the contrary, the trucking industry, heavy haul included, is world wide. There are no geographic or political borders that have constrained the spread of bulk transport. In fact, the mobility of freight cargo has been a prime enabler of the expansion and growth of cities and people.

Thus far we’ve stuck primarily to the roadways of America in our pursuit of the trucking industry and all that it entails. The next part of our look at the freight transport industry will lead to places we’ve yet to venture. We’ll look beyond the heavy haul and flatbed trucking that we’ve come to know so well, and explore the world of rail freight transportation and whatever else we can get our hands on. Next month we will explore the trucking industry further while keeping and ear and eye to what is going on with flatbed trucking, ltl trucking, and heavy haul right here at home. As we look at ocean freight transport, rail transport and every other kind of freight transportation or heavy equipment hauling, we will, no doubt, gain an even better understanding of the industry, as well as what has set JBT apart.

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