November 20, 2017 admin

Freight Transportation: A Growing Industry

There are a lot of different components that make up the whole of the freight transport industry and, as such, there are a lot of different ways to look at it. On the pages of the JB Transport blog we’ve tried to cover a variety of these ways by looking at the function, form, and even history of a variety of different niche fields within the freight transport industry. Because the freight transport industry is a dynamic and ever changing industry, constantly moving with the evolution and development of society and the technology birthed there, new horizons and frontiers are continuously appearing. The continued growth of the freight transportation industry and the wide and developed reach of its many parts (rail transport, flatbed trucking, heavy haul, ltl trucking) speaks to the continuous and steady development and advancement of technology and our society as a whole.

It is safe to say, as a general rule, that the freight transport industry is easily classified, yet extensive and constantly developing. To sum up the overall function of the industry and grossly oversimplify a dynamic industry, it is the movement of stuff. That might sound nice and simple, but truth be told, the amounts and varied kinds of “stuff,” or freight, that we as people need moved often means anything but simplicity for those involved in the freight transport industry. There is certainly a reason that there is such a wide variety of freight moving niche industries, that reason being the complexity of freight and the complexity of the needs of people all across the globe. Seeking to haul all varieties of freight in the most effective and efficient ways possible, the industry has evolved and changed to meet those needs. In the coming installments here on the JB Transport blog, we’ll look at these different sectors of the industry and recap some of the basics.

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