November 22, 2017 admin

Freight Transport on The High Seas

This month (almost all month long) we’ve been focusing on safety and all things relevant to safety. This focus as been expansive and grown to include not only the freight trucking and freight transport industries, but also environmental safety and the safety of citizens and the public at large. Prompted by the disastrous oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, the gaze of the country has drifted toward environmental concerns and the role safety as it relates to different industries and practices.

While we have focused heavily on the world of freight transportation in regards to trucking (flatbed trucking, ltl trucking, and heavy haul) it would be a good time to point out that there is certainly no shortage of freight transport that defies the bounds of friction as it pertains to asphalt and roadways, and opt instead for the seas. Oceanic freight shipping is a major player in the world of freight transportation, and although often overlooked, it does serve a vital role in the community of freight shipping and the world of transport. The topic of ocean going transport vessels is also extremely timely for our discussion as they are currently operating full swing in the midst of the oil catastrophe in the gulf.

Freight transport on the high seas is not altogether different from freight transport on the roads, scenic byways, and high speed interstates that crisscross our nation. The logistics of offering supply chain solutions often involves oceanic transport and necessitates that goods be shipped via whatever channel is most cost effective, practical, and timely. If that means crossing large bodies of water, then rest assured those in the business of supply chain solutions will be ready with whatever it takes. In the freight transport industry, industry know-how and a desire to accomplish the task are a necessity. Thanks to the coordinated and experienced logistics team at JB Transport, no job is too big.

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