November 18, 2017 admin

Freight Transport – a Partner in Shoreline Clean Up

As a theme for this month’s JB Transport blog, we have been looking at the results of a growing world, increasing populations, and advancements in technology. There is no question that the results of a growing world are manifold and certainly affect the trucking industry. A crucially relevant topic to flatbed trucking and the freight transportation world is the topic of safety. Safety has become more and more important as a result of advancements in technology that have allowed the rapid growth of society. In this busier world, safety must continue to progress with the advancement of technology to reach greater levels of effectiveness. The freight transport industry relies on safe practices and safer technology to effectively operate day in and day out. Without reliable technology, the daily routine of the trucking industry and every kind of freight transport would be significantly more perilous. As we take some time to focus on the topic of safety, it would be appropriate to look at the current situation in the gulf of Mexico and the oil spill. Yes, the trucking industry, like most of the transport world, relies on petroleum, but that’s not what were going to be looking at in this blog. Rather, we will focus on the important role that the trucking industry and flatbed trucking will play, and is playing, in the clean up efforts. As oil slicks cover the gulf, streams of barrier and containment devices called booms are being transported to the coast. Freight transportation has become and invaluable partner in helping in the effort to clean up the shoreline and contain the oil. Flatbed trucks with their capacity to haul bulk amounts of freight are a vital part of the operation that will preoccupy the gulf coast and its residents for the next several months. Freight transportation experts, like the people at JB Transport, are a crucial component in the daily operation of our nation. Next time we will look a little closer at the connection between the oil spill, safety, and the wonderful and wide world of freight transportation.

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