November 14, 2017 admin

Flatbed Trucking: A Piece of The Pie

If there is one thing we can definitively say about the freight transportation industry, it is that it is dynamic and diverse. Sure, we could probably say a lot of other things about it, like the fact that its extensive history and the shifts it has endured makes it a truly lasting and tried industry, we could also definitively say that its many branches (heavy haul, ltl trucking, flatbed trucking and rail transport) make it a difficult industry to regulate and accommodate for all its many components. We can say a lot of things about this industry, but the bottom line is truly the fact that all these things revolve back around to one thing, one distillable fact that can encompass so much of the industry, and that is that the industry is, in fact, diverse. This might seem like a lot of rhetoric to make a simple point, and perhaps it is, but, since the theme of our JBT blog this month is the diversity and the dynamic quality that the freight transport industry and all its various parts embody, it is a point worth making well.

We have already looked at a few of the many faces of freight transport this month, those being heavy haul and ltl trucking. In this post were going to turn a new leaf (actually it’s a leaf we have already turned before, but a leaf that deserves to be re-examined and re-turned nonetheless). This leaf is the wide world of flatbed trucking. This branch of the trucking industry is unlike all the rest. Freight transport can take many forms, and this form is totally unique unto itself. The kinds of hauls that flatbed freight transport is capable of are distinctly unique to flatbed trucking. When materials require offloading from cranes or other heavy machinery, the only option is flatbed trucking. Flatbed trucking companies are responsible for moving much of what would otherwise be unmovable. Heavy equipment and oversized loads often require the unique design of a flatbed truck and the services of flatbed trucking companies like JB Transport to accomplish their transport goals, and in this industry, that is what it is all about.

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