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Concrete And Plastic Jersey Barriers

All the time we see colorful or concrete barriers placed along the roads or near construction sites, for warning and preventing  any accidents. These barriers are also called as Jersey Barriers. A jersey barrier is a protective modular concrete or plastic barrier purposely manufactured and deployed to prevent mishaps from happening. They are also used for traffic channelizing, protection of walls and pedestrian traffics and prevent access to prohibited areas like terrorism, crime and accident sites where investigation is going on and are considered to be an economical substitute to expensive barricades.

During short-term projects like celebrity appearances and Music concerts which involve constant moving from one place to another, there is no need or the budget of deploying concrete jersey barriers.  In cases like these, Plastic Jersey highway barriers are used as they save time and money too  because no huge vehicles like trucks or trailers needed to transport them from one place to another. They are cheap and light weight and can be carried around very easily.  Plastic Jersey barriers are also much cost efficient as they are recyclable as well as re-usable for road projects, special events, emergencies, fairs, religious events and other situations. These plastic barriers are made of lightweight polyethylene and can be carried around easily with the help of two individuals together as well as forklifts.

Seen mostly in red and orange colors, these crowd control barriers can be seen from far away and do not cause a lot of damage when they come in contact with vehicles. The Jersey barriers can also be filled with sand making them sturdy and solid for projects and work zones like water and sewer projects, to prevent access at airports or garages and also during natural disasters like floods. These barriers are indispensible in controlling movement of people and vehicles in an easy and cost efficient manner.

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