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Choosing Good Quality Spinning Wheels as a Beginner

It may be difficult to learn the process of spinning at first, but to do so properly you have to have the right tools. In order to become a confident spinner, you should choose from new spinning wheels like Ashford spinning wheels available in the market at affordable costs. Your main goal should be to bring out the best of the art and skills that you are acquiring. It is better to avoid old wools that may be gifted to you after ages it had been in the back of cupboards. Have patience and buy new ones to do make your work hassle free.

Problems of Using Old Spinning Wheels

There are certain problems that might arise if you prefer to use old spinning wheels. If they require continuous oiling and readjustments of the tension, it would break your concentration as well as your smooth flow of work. Besides that, the fiber will be feeding into the bobbin too fast and break the fibers at short periods of time.  This would definitely hamper the entire process. Buy the spinning wheels which are affordable. There are many online stores who have spinning wheels for sale.

Different Types of Spinning Wheels

There are different types of wheels that you can choose from. Some may use the travel wheel; which is suggested to be very good for the people who are beginners at this craft. This is because the travel wheels are lighter in weight than the standard wheels, they are easy to carry form one place to another and much more portable, and can be folded into a convenient compact size for carry or storage.

There are several types of spinning wheels to choose from so if you have doubts on which one to choose, be sure to go to your local supplier or send and email for an online store. They will surely point you in the right direction based on your experience level, and the project at hand. Which ever spinning wheel you choose, you are sure to fall in love with the craft once you start learning all there is to know.

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