One of the new segments in the automotive world is the Sport Activity Coupe segment that sees crossover SUVs with a four door coupe design and shape. The BMW X6 was one of the first to start this trend and while it may not have the same practicality of a traditional SUV it has looks that are arguably better. The SAC sold very well for BMW breaking the 100,000 unit barrier in a few years and now the second generation model looks to build upon that success. One German aftermarket tuning company was looking to build on that success with a new upgrade program called the CLR that includes all sorts of newly designed modifications from the engine and body work to the new COR Wheels and suspension setup.

The BMW X6 may be a crossover SUV but it still has some performance behind it right from the factory. Its hallmark is the 4.4 liter twin turbocharged V-8 engine in the top of the line 50i model variants that have quite a bit of get up and go from the factory. The engine was outfitted with a new pair of larger turbochargers, new air intakes, an optimized intercooler system, and a new software ECU tune that alters a number of different parameters to produce even more power more efficiently. The engine also benefits from a full stainless steel exhaust system with sport catalytic converters for even less backpressure which is essential in turbocharged engines. The result is a massive 450 horsepower and 627 lb-ft. of torque being sent to all four of the newly installed COR Wheels for quicker acceleration and improved performance. Top speed with that much power is pegged all the way back at 183 mph.

The BMW X6 CLR upgrade program from the German tuning company also gains a wide range of new body work. The aerodynamically optimized body work starts out up front where a new front fascia with integrated LEDs, intakes, and front spoiler dramatically change the face. The new COR Wheels are housed inside extended fenders that reach out 50 mm farther than stock. At the rear, the German company installed a new roof spoiler wing, trunk spoiler flap, diffuser insert, and roof cover as well for better downforce at high speed.

The chassis rides lower and matches the newly extended wide body look of the BMW X6 CLR. The team opted for a set of new COR Wheels with a three piece construction and high quality durability. The new rim setup was installed in a staggered 10.0 x 22 and 12.0 x 22 front and rear setup with Vredstein sport tires. These are complemented by a new set of in house sport springs that reduce the ride height for a better center of gravity.