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About MATM

Mid-Atlantic Trailer Manufacturing, Inc. is in the business to promptly supply utility and construction trailers at economical prices to dealers, so that they may successfully achieve their business objectives.  In promptly supplying trailers to dealers, they will be able to provide customers with the trailers they need, when they need them.

Our goal is quality trailers production and prompt delivery at an economical price.  The goal will require teamwork from component suppliers, fabricators, marketers, and shippers.  We require that all contributors to the production process demonstrate competence, professionalism, and a commitment to our dealers and their customers.  In return, we will support these contributors through loyal and sound business practices.

We will seek recommendations from all members of the production process and our dealer network.  In so doing, we will continually improve the trailers we design.  We will fabricate our trailers with a consistent design and yet still have the flexibility to satisfy our dealers’ custom trailer needs.

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