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Why You should not Abandon Your Old Car – Here is what you can Do with it

Cars are designed to stay with us for a long time, but you certainly cannot expect them to be your lifetime companion. Anyone who has ever had an old car or have tried using a car much longer than its age permits must have had been in a fix more than once. You’re your car suddenly denies to start, take is an indication that you need a new car. However, do not dump the old car in your garage; there are plenty of things that you can do with it.

Hacks with your old car

1. Sell its’s Parts

Even an old car which you cannot drive anymore has a value in the market.

Being highly recyclable, cars are not only valuable as a whole but when you take out parts and sell them, you can earn good money.

So before you start thinking of earning cash for unwanted cars, find out if someone in need of your car’s parts. If your car model is still in trend, then you are more likely to get more buyers. At times old but classy car parts are also in demand due to unavailability in the market.

2. Exchange the Parts

Your old car can save some dollars for you if you exchange it for a new car. And if you have maintained the car well, then it will surely make a difference before you part with it.

However, if you have not been very a careful user or your car’s model is outdated, fret not as the parts can still be exchanged. The dealers will always find them useful either for recycling or for repairing other vehicles, and you can even save a reasonable cost on your new car.

3. Refurbish

If you are ready to spend a few bucks, you will be surprised at your old vehicle’s performance with a few refurbishments.  Some people find joy in fixing old cars and if you are one of them, then why not try your hands out on it? At a less cost and with the right new parts, you might be the owner of a functional car.

But, remember to get it checked by a trusted mechanic first, or else you may end up wasting more money on it.

4. Recycle Your Old Car

There is no need to worry even in case you are not able to sell off the car in parts, as you can still recycle it. Thanks to the booming scrap market, none of a car’s part goes wasted. Drive it a scrap yard, hand over your vehicle and return home with cash.  

The metal from the car is highly valuable – it can be re-used for making new vehicles or different other products like cans, utensils, etc. 

If you cannot drive your car to the scrap yard, most of the car scrap removal companies can pick it up from the doorstep, but the payment is lesser in that case.

5. Sell It

One of the most common options with an old car is to sell it off. You can sell it to the dealers, or an individual if you can afford some time and money. In case you want to sell your car, but do not have the desired time, consign it to a third party. They will do everything for you starting from repairing the vehicle, to hunting for a buyer and selling it. After deducting a flat fee, they hand over the rest of the money to you.

But, for selling your car, it must be in driveable condition.

6. Creative Mind

If you are with a creative bend of mind, you can use your car for various other purposes than driving. Some people turn it into shops, while some others turn it into something catchy and unique. You can color it brightly and use it for advertising something close to your heart.

A car can be valuable as long as you know what to do with it!

7. Donate It

Why abandon your car, if it’s in driveable shape? Donate it to an NGO, and while you might not earn cash, you will surely do a noble task and reap some tax benefits.

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