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A Brief Overview of Drag Racing Sport Worldwide

Drag racing is a passionate sport purely adrenaline driven; not only restricted to men but even women find it much exciting to be a participant, a by-stander or even co-passenger of drivers racing. Movies like Red Line, Fast and Furious series, Cannonball Run, and Talladega have given it much acceptance and hype among youngsters.

Drag racing is automotive street racing on public roads. It is a competition between two cars or two bikes specially prepared (with modifications and customization) for racing at top speeds. The vehicles compete with each other to reach the finish line before the other. The race starts from a designated start-point following ¼ mile of fixed straight track. In racing concepts like Jr. Drag Racing, the course is set for eighth-miles instead of quarter-mile. This sport is mostly illegal however, in most countries Government organization have been formed to regulate the rules, regulations and safety for this form of motor racing. The vehicles reach unimaginable speed and sometimes the vehicles use a parachute (pre-fitted in the vehicle) to slow down their speed. This innovative idea is accredited to the famous cartoonist Tom Medley.

Drag racing features a tournament like pattern of series of rounds of eliminations. A series of Two-vehicle race follows and the loser in each race keeps being eliminated while the winner goes ahead. This series of rounds continue until the ultimate winner remains.

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