Trailer Hire

If you feel like you don’t have the perfect solution for your large-scale transportation, we are there to help you out!

A trailer is a popular, cost-effective option to choose whenever you need an ideal solution for transporting a large number of items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a regular sized vehicle.

If you’re interested in making use of a trailer for any given period, be it long or for a day – we can help you out!

No matter what your task or requirement is, we are more than equipped to help you out and assist you in any sort of trailer operation.

All our trailers are available for hire on the daily, short-term or long-term basis at affordable rates.


We wanted to make sure that all our boxes are transported safely and the guys at MA Trailer were able to do that before time


My business received a large order once, and we were in the immediate need of hiring a trailer. MA Trailer


Well I wanted to make sure that my car shall be transported safely to the new home where I was about to move, and the guys did the job in the best way. Very happy with the services.



JB Transport and the Freight Transport Industry

As we are all extremely aware, the gulf of Mexico has been deeply impacted by a major disaster over the last several months. Since, as a overarching theme on the blog this month, we are looking into safety and the way the trucking industry has responded to increased populations, traffic, and demand, it is relevant to explore safety in all its angles. There is no doubt that the issue in the gulf is a result of failed safety systems intended to protect the region and the sea from this kind of spill. When those features failed, the result was catastrophic. So where does flatbed trucking and the trucking industry come into the picture? Well, regardless of the type of system, there are necessary checks and balances intended to protect against potential hazards and safeguard those involved, and those potentially effected. In the case of the trucking industry, those most directly involved are the truck drivers

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JB Transport and the Engine of Industry

We’re pretty deep into the history of the rail transport industry and even deeper into our explorations of the freight transport industry in general. We’ve covered a lot of ground but none so important as what we’re going to look at today. There is a lot be said for the invention of the wheel and other major milestones in the progression of technology that has led to freight transportation as we know it, but the engine which drives the industry is just without equal. And that engine is... well, just that, an engine. Now, to the savvy reader of this freight transport blog, it might bear noting that, of course, without the invention of the wheel, gears (close relatives of the wheel and fundamental components of any engine) might never have been invented. But since we’re not in the business of splitting hairs, we’ll assume the huge importance of the engine and move forward in

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JB Transport and Change

The invention of the pneumatic tire meant a lot of things for the trucking industry. Of course, as with most new technologies, the beginning was a bumpy road. Although the literal road was less bumpy with the advent of air filled tires as opposed to solid rubber tires, the tire itself was quite unreliable in its early stages. For the freight transportation industry, this meant lost time and more hassles. Stopping a shipment to repair flats and replace tires was a nuisance that, although not lasting, did persist until tires reached some stability. Today, the trucking industry utilizes refined tire technology to get the most longevity and greatest efficiency out of every tire. The tires currently in use have the capability of being re-treaded and easily restored to get miles and miles of additional wear on every tire. For an industry like flatbed trucking or heavy haul, where miles are logged in huge numbers, this

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